The Lonely Century: Coming Together in a World that’s Pulling Apart – Noreena Hertz


The Lonely Century (30 min)
RSA’s Bridges to the Future Podcast


Noreena Hertz is an academic, economist and author of ,The Lonely Century: Coming Together in a World that’s Pulling Apart’. She has been named as ,one of the world’s leading thinkers’ by The Observer, and by Vogue as ,one of the world’s most inspiring women’.



,This is the lonely century. But it doesn’t have to be so. There’s so much we can do individually and collectively to fix it.’


Is loneliness as bad as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day? How could it become an economic and political crisis costing us billions a day?


From isolated people working from home to elderly people in Japan apparently choosing prison over living alone. Noreena Hertz looks at our fundamental need for connection and community and offers ideas for how we can re-connect, as individuals and as communities.


In a world where robots are replacing people and you can rent a friend.


Political tinder


disconnection of youth by smartphones

no entrance to social media, highly exluding, this is invisible to most adults


We definitely need more secular places where we can all gather.

How ravaged the infrastructure of community has been through the financial crisis in 2008 Public libraries, youth clubs, day centers for old people were gone.


Loneliness is a prison through which we should understand what is going wrong with society. And a prison through which we should to think, how we can get things right.


Loneliness is at the intersection of economics and emotions.

The sense of exclusion, the fear of being excluded in economic or social or racial terms.


People do not vote for facts, but for feelings.




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