What can history tell us about how we should respond to the crisis? An optimistic take. – Rutger Bregman


podcast – bridges to the future (33 min)


Rutger Bregman is an historian and author of Humankind: A Hopeful History
(dt. Version ,Im Grunde gut’)


In crisis people show their true face.


bureaucracy: people should almost use all their imagination in how to provide care and the least mental effort as possible in how to deal with the system, in which they work.


There are two sides of the beast and a genuine third way to see it.


What you assume in other people you get from them.

If you trust other people, it works.


Give kids the freedom to persue their own fascinations.

Intrinsic motivation.

Kids are naturally creative and curious.

The education system we have right now seems to take this away.


I discovered bullying between kids is not a natural thing, it’s a result of institutional circumstances.


something bigger is going on

The goodness of human being vs. the mean world syndrome.


Stichwort von der Science Offizierin: digitaler Humanismus

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