New Economic Approaches. A coordinated response to crisis, maximising innovation and connectivity, targeting investment and implementing policy measures to create lasting change. – Mariana Mazzucato


podcast RSA bridges to the future (33 min)


Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value and Founder and Director of the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose at University College London. She advises policymakers around the world on innovation-led inclusive and sustainable growth. ,on a mission to save capitalism from itself.’ Wired says, she has ,a plan to fix capitalism’.


Her name is Italian, sounds Japanese and means christmas tree in Japanese.


3 crisis coexisting:





how to construct our society in the future?

now we only react when we have to fix something


not throw money at a service, but think about it before

how could we forgot about services that are so valuable

constructing economies where we undervalue certain services that we now realize as so important


going back to normal is of course problematic, when the normal itself got us where we are

quick remedies vs. longterm structure of an economy we want to build


not the lack of growth

but the direction of growth is the issue


need quick help

no time for big philosophical conversations

because there are existing contracts

we can write conditions in that are both fair and ambitious

contracts can be short



we don’t need to give out money without conditions

bail outs with no conditions: ,seeya!’

come back, if you change your mind

we help you, if you also help us


multiple crisis

financial crisis lots of money without conditions

short term goal: liquidity



thinking ahead of time


active cocreators and coshapers of the public


growth does not only have a rate, but a direction

direction into the center of treasury

important how we evaluate public investments


work quickly

and go in the direction that you want to go


the really interesting things are when government goes across department


of course we need to introduce a system with liquidity

there is a money tree

how we structure this is important


somehow money appears when people want to



government as purchaser, not investor


what kind of health do we want for our economy


there is so much to learn around the world what works and what doesn’t

using this opportunity to really structure and bring back strategy

and dreaming a better society

but doing it in the now

what better moment

and we can’t fail

we have to try…



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